Toast POS



Toast POS: All-In-One Restaurant POS Software

Toast is an all-in-one restaurant POS system and restaurant management system. Built specifically for restaurants on an affordable cloud-based platform, Toast POS systems offer the power, flexibility, and ease of use a foodservice business needs.

Why Choose a Toast POS System?

Restaurant owners everywhere are experiencing the incredible benefits of Toast firsthand by increasing operational efficiency, customer satisfaction, and overall restaurant management.


Toast is fully customizable, so it can be integrated into the operations of all kinds of restaurants including full service, fast casual, bars, cafes and bakeries, enterprise restaurant establishments and more.

Simple Gift Card & Loyalty Program Integration

Online and in-store gift cards and loyalty programs can encourage customers to stop by for a repeat visit or even become a regular patron. Toast POS systems offer online and in-store gift cards that are simple to order and easy to use, as well as cloud-based customer loyalty programs that shower customers with reward points each time they make a purchase and give you the ability to customize rewards.

Customized Reporting

Toast makes it easy for business owners to customize daily, monthly, quarterly and yearly reporting for optimal sales data analysis. Track your inventory, sales and labor percentages with Toast to get a clearer view of your progress and launch promotions based on historical sales data.

Online Ordering Capabilities

Today’s consumer wants the ease of placing takeout, pickup and delivery orders online, without a disruption to their normal routine. With a Toast POS, you have the ability to provide simple online ordering for your customers, efficiently keep track of orders and effortlessly sync in-store and online menus.

Guest Profiling for Effective Marketing Campaigns

A Toast POS system also tracks and collects valuable customer data over time, giving you the ability to analyze your consumer trends and preferences to plan and implement more effective marketing campaigns.

Simple, Fast and Easy to Use

One of the main benefits of a Toast POS system is the fact that it’s simple, fast and easy to use. The clean, user-friendly interface both simplifies training and streamlines the ordering system for both the employee and the customer.

Product Capabilities

  • Cloud customized POS reporting
  • Physical and digital gift card integration
  • Restaurant loyalty programs
  • Advanced customer database
  • Easy online ordering system
  • Tableside, terminal and kitchen display hardware

Toast POS: An Affordable, Cloud-Based Platform

Hospitality Management Systems and Carroll Business Systems offers Toast POS systems for all kinds of restaurant owners. Specifically designed to meet the needs of the food service industry, Toast is a cloud-based management tool that can be used to improve and streamline all aspects of your restaurant operations.

Contact Hospitality Management Systems and Carroll Business Systems today to learn more about Toast or to order your Toast POS system today.