• Simphony™

    MICROS Simphony™ is the premier enterprise enabled point-of-sale (POS) solution that enables businesses to flourish by providing tools for success. More than just a point-of-sale system, Simphony™ is a Hospitality Management Platform that enables business management through a single tool with vast integration capabilities. Linking business functions such as property management systems, paperless kitchen display systems, credit card interfaces, and reporting at the individual property or revenue center, Simphony™ ensures continuous system operation and allows the client to be fully resilient and capable of performing mission critical operations in the event of an upstream failure.

  • WS6

    The MICROS Workstation 6 features the Microsoft Windows® Embedded 8.1 Industry Pro operating system which highlights the clean, modern style of Windows 8 applications. The all-in-one design of the MICROS Workstation 6 includes a full high definition wide screen LCD with multi-touch performance. The MICROS Workstation 6 can be mounted on its companion stand, which provides full adjustability, superior cable management and accommodation for peripherals and accessories. Alternatively, the slim, elegant design of the MICROS Workstation 6 is ideal for wall mounting, providing a discrete, attractive appearance in any environment.

  • MICROS RES 3700

    MICROS RES 3700 is a complete restaurant POS software solution you can fit to your needs, with tools for the back-office, restaurant operations, and guest services. This fully-integrated restaurant point-of-sale system is flexible to suit your business while being powerful enough to handle transactions quickly and easily.

  • MICROS e7

    Series Point of Sale (POS) system combines the reputation and reliability of MICROS hospitality technology with a price suitable for table service and quick service restaurants, delis, sandwich shops, nightclubs, bars and more. MICROS e7 combines an all-in-one MICROS Workstation 5 with a powerful embedded software application based on the Microsoft Windows® CE .NET operating system.

  • MICROS Entrepreneur Series (es)

    MICROS Entrepreneur Series (es)
    The MICROS Enterprise solution (es) was developed and priced specifically for the independent restaurateur. With a proven combination of reporting, CRM, point-of-sale, and hardware, the MICROS Entrepreneur Series provides an enterprise-class POS system guaranteed to get you more out of every transaction.

  • SpeedLine POS

    Speedline is a pizza and delivery Enterprise POS that keeps your business going. Put a SpeedLine POS system to work in your restaurant to boost customer loyalty, simplify payroll and employee record-keeping, streamline accounting, and eliminate hours of paperwork. You'll find SpeedLine POS systems at the heart of many delivery and carryout pizzerias, quick service and fast casual restaurants, and multi-brand restaurant chains in six countries.

  • Grocery / Retail

    Grocery / Retail
    IBM SurePOS ACE is the IBM flagship point-of-sale application, combining check-out support, electronic marketing, data maintenance, account management and more in a versatile, cost-saving package.

  • Other Products

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Hardware Solutions

Looking for energy-efficient, superior point-of-sale hardware solutions? Our MICROS touch screen POS terminal solutions are designed and developed with sustainability in mind. Several MICROS hardware options are disk-less and operate without a fan, requiring less than half of the energy of typical PC based devices—and half the energy means half the power costs!

Regardless of industry, MICROS has a point-of-sale hardware solution that will work for you. To complement our point-of-sale equipment, MICROS offers a line of peripherals including printers, cash drawers, customer displays, barcode scanners, scales, and more. All of our peripheral products are chosen and tested specifically to integrate with our point-of-sale workstations and application software.

Software Support

You can’t run a long-term POS operation without support. Our software support plans give you peace of mind while keeping your systems updated and fresh.

Hardware Support

Our Hardware Maintenance agreements allow the customer to budget their annual Point-of-Sale repair costs. You pick and choose your hours of protection, and whether your entire system or certain parts are covered.