SpeedLine Point of Sale Introduces Secure EMV and NFC Payment Options

VANCOUVER, BC—September 30, 2015. A new software release from leading pizza and delivery point of sale developer SpeedLine Solutions adds secure and flexible EMV payment options for restaurants. 

The new EMV options safeguard restaurants from the transfer of liability for chip card-present credit card fraud. A chip card reader at the point of sale also raises guest confidence that their payments are secure.

The focus of this new software release is payment security—with enhancements to meet the new requirements of PCI-DSS 3.1 as well as EMV. 

No payment card data is stored by the point of sale system. And when combined with support for encrypted EMV and tokenized payment information, new secure options can protect cardholder data end to end: from PIN pad to processor.

”EMV delivers another level of protection against fraud,” comments SpeedLine president and CEO John de Wolde. “And as consumers begin to use PIN pads for payment in more of the places they shop, our restaurant clients recognize that their guests will feel more secure in patronizing restaurant brands that have upgraded to chip card readers.”

With new EMV PIN pads and this software upgrade, restaurant operators can also speed up service, offering NFC contactless payment, and digital wallet payment solutions such as Apple Pay and Google Wallet. 

“The result for restaurant guests,” de Wolde adds, “is more confidence in the restaurant brand’s commitment to their security, and new convenience and freedom to pay the way they choose.”