Fast Casual Restaurant POS Systems

Fast Casual POS System: MICROS Restaurant Enterprise Solution

In the last few years, we have seen the rise of the healthy fast casual restaurant. Local restaurants continue to thrive in this time of backlash against large food companies and their use of artificial flavors and unnatural ingredients. This gives rise to many new fast casual restaurants, and your business might be one of those. Or maybe you own a group of franchised restaurants that are struggling. Either way, the market continues to change year to year. Through a consistent and competitive POS system like MICROS Restaurant Enterprise Solution (RES), you can maintain the elements of your business that are still under your control.

What Can This POS System Do for Your Fast Casual Restaurant

With the latest fast-casual POS system from MICROS, you will effectively manage your business’ labor costs and scheduling. You also gain a higher level of control over inventory. Discover the areas in your restaurant that lose you money with the analytics of your restaurant delivered through your POS system. Test your standards and optimal conditions vs the real world food costs by monitoring food waste, prep times, wait times, and table times. The best part: you can manage all of these aspects of your restaurant or restaurants from one central location. If you want to offer loyalty programs, coupons, or gift cards, you can do that easily, too.

MICROS RES for Your Staff & Guests

The touch screens available in for this POS system come with graphics easily recognizable. The intuitive layout and interactive design make MICROS RES self-explanatory. These point of sales systems work great as self-service kiosks because they need no training. With the capacity for advertisements, rolling graphics, and easily understood prompts, the MICROS RES offers reliable service for all who use it. Get the same result time and time again, no matter the level of experience or training of the user.


With data encryption tools and an emphasis on secure data, the MICROS RES works to keep both your data at rest and your data in transit safe. MICROS Security Audit Log comes as a plug-in to your Event Viewer software, and it keeps detailed records of system events. This software also adds another defensive wall between your system and compromising events.

MICROS RES with Carroll Business & HMS

No matter your business or market, Carroll Business Systems and HMS wants to set you on the right course for success. In the grueling world of fast casual dining, MICROS RES just might offer the edge you need. Contact Carroll Business Systems and HMS today to get started with a POS system that works for you.

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