Full Service Restaurant POS Systems

Restaurant With MICROS POSEfficient Full-Service Restaurant POS Systems from MICROS

No matter where you live and where you run your restaurant, you need a few key things for success. You need unique food, delicious ingredients, friendly staff, efficient wait and cook times, reliable scheduling, and a solid POS system to handle all of the above. A MICROS POS system can handle any tasks needed of restaurant point of sale systems. Whether you run a popular single location restaurant or you own a dozen franchises in the area, you need a POS system with the ability to keep you ahead of the game.

MICROS POS Functionality for Restaurants

The latest MICROS POS system available from Carroll Business Systems and HMS integrates the necessities of the back of house, the wait staff, and the management team in one system. Carroll Business Systems and HMS also offer training and POS system maintenance plans to help you troubleshoot any errors and to ensure your MICROS POS works for you how exactly as it was designed to.

Back of House

With MICROS POS, you can page your staff, track the ticket times and speed of the kitchen, and integrate orders all in one place. If your management team needs to track orders and ticket times, they can do that from any POS hardware in the store. Use this system to track food waste and food cost as well, so you find and weed out inefficiencies in your line.

Front of House

If you employ waitstaff in your restaurant, you can teach them how to use MICROS POS very quickly. With intuitive graphics and touch screens, your POS system works for you rather than against you. This one point-of-sale system incorporates loyalty programs, reservations, and a system that stays on even when the internet doesn’t.

POS System for the Management Team

MICROS allows you to update the entire system from one central location. Change menus, pricing, and rewards programs from the office with confidence. Your management will also have control over inventory management, analytics, and labor times. Set up alerts so your management staff stays in the know even during the busiest times of the day.

A POS System for Your Restaurant

If you want to truly excel in your region or city, choose the MICROS POS system. We will gladly train you on your new system and set you up with a maintenance plan to ensure you never lose business due to technical issues. Contact Carroll Business Systems and HMS today to ask about the best POS system for your business.