MICROS POS Systems for Full-Service Dallas Restaurants

this-busy-restaurant-needs-micros-posMany cities boast that they have more restaurants per capita than any other. With a booming economy, the extra incomes that come with that, and a dense metropolitan area, Dallas holds the perfect recipe to actually have the most restaurants per capita in the country. With high demand and money to be made, all restaurants in the DFW area must have the best equipment at their fingertips to succeed. A robust and well-designed MICROS POS will give any restaurant an immediate advantage. HMS provides MICROS POS that help restaurant owners control and streamline every aspect of their business. The MICROS POS Restaurant Enterprise Solution Table Service Restaurants (RES TSR) makes life easier for all staff members. This MICROS POS links kitchen to servers and both to managers, creating an in sync, easily monitored environment.

Why Your Dallas Restaurant Staff Will Appreciate a New MICROS POS

With a population of 1.26 million, Dallas ranks in the top ten most populated cities in the country. The economy of Dallas and the North Texas area eclipses most states and would rank in the top fifty nations in the world. This equates to a lot of hustle and bustle, and people want a fast, friendly, and smooth experience at a restaurant. This expectation falls squarely on the shoulders of the restaurant staff - and an efficient and functional MICROS POS can help relieve some of that pressure. Here are just a few ways the MICROS RES TSR supports your staff during those hectic lunch and dinner rushes:
  • Latest touchscreen technology
  • Easily understood and intuitive graphical interface
  • Training options that teach employees important processes step-by-step in real-time
  • Realistic table floor plan that cuts away confusion and improves efficiency
  • Clear table monitoring with color-coded icons that change colors when guests need attention

Why Your Management Will Love It

Restaurants are designed with multiple parts that need to work in unison for proper functionality and to return rich profit. Management can cut down on food waste by monitoring voids, no sales, and zero balance transactions discreetly. They can also oversee ticket times and other operational situations pertinent to customer service. The MICROS POS RES TSR is easy to install and it works on any Microsoft Windows PC. By combining front of house, back of house, and management functions in one easy-to-use system, MICROS POS RES TSR makes the perfect fit for restaurants in the competitive Dallas market.

Let HMS Help You Rise to the Top

If you don’t have a top of the line POS system, you are losing money. Don’t frustrate your waiters with an outdated, counterintuitive POS system, and don’t take any chances with cooks losing printed ticket slips. Give your managers the tools to manage employees, guests, food ordering, and waste effectively with MICROS POS RES TSR. Contact HMS today if you want to get ahead.