POS Systems for Springfield, MO, Full-Service Restaurants

a-formal-dining-restaurant-could-improve-with-a-pos-systemThe economy in Springfield, MO, continues to grow year after year. According to Sperling’s Best Places, Springfield has a low unemployment rate, an above average job growth rate, and a higher percentage of people working in the foodservice industry. Anyone who has lived in the Ozarks for any period of time knows that this city loves its food. The restaurant industry is healthy and growing, and having a quality point of sales system (POS system)will keep your full-service restaurant competitive.

Full-Service Restaurants in Springfield

Not everyone knows that Springfield holds the distinguished title as the city in which cashew chicken was first eaten. A locally owned restaurant created the dish in the early 1960s as a way to draw in customers by combining Asian cuisine and homestyle fried foods of the Ozarks. This innovating thinking has evolved to create a dynamic and competitive atmosphere among full-service restaurants in the area.

How Can a Quality POS System Help

A great POS system - such as MobileBytes POS, or MICROS POS - can take your restaurant to new levels and allow you to capitalize on this thriving market. Here’s why you should replace outdated ticket systems or early computerized systems with the highest quality POS systems available at HMS:

Greater Control

The best POS systems offer greater control over your product. In one easy-to-use POS system, your managers can track employee hours, order shipments of produce, and regulate the dining room and kitchens.

Accurate Information Leading to Individualized Experience

With greater control and greater access to the all-important information POS systems provide, owners, management, and staff can better prepare for rushes, keep tabs on ticket times, and tweak ordering, table service, seating practices, and cooking rhythms based on customer experiences.

Easy to Use and Cost Effective

Quality POS systems have touch screens that are so intuitive, anyone can use them with minimal training. This cuts the cost of training wages and gets new wait staff on the floor quicker. Also, keep track of food costs, food waste, and shipments with smart POS system technology. Cutting needless food waste and accurate ordering are integral to a competitive full-service dining business plan.

HMS offers POS Systems for Full-Service Restaurants in Springfield, MO

Never skimp when it comes to your business. Your guests come to you for the highest quality food, and they expect their dining experiences to run smoothly. If you can provide these two things, your business will flourish. To provide high-quality service, you must have high-quality equipment. The POS systems available at HMS are of a caliber equal to your restaurant, your goals, and your guests. To use anything less would be a disservice.