POS Systems for Springfield, MO, Retail

this-retail-store-could-use-a-new-pos-systemSpringfield, MO, is home to the headquarters of Bass Pro Shops and O’Reilly Automotive, and the Walmart headquarters in Bentonville is only a few hours drive away. It’s no wonder that this rapidly growing city offers numerous retail shopping options, ranging from local to country-wide chains. The retail environment may only be second to the restaurant industry in competition, and retailers need every edge they can get. Point of sales systems (POS systems) from HMS might be just the edge your business needs.

What Do POS Systems Offer Small Retailers?

Many small business owners believe POS systems are only necessary for corporate retailers with stores all across the country, but the right POS system can catapult any business into success. HMS carries two of these quality systems, and they can help any retailer maximize profit, draw in customers, and reduce inefficiency.

Retail POS Systems Available


This POS system offers top of the line touchscreen displays that increase accuracy and efficiency. Any IBM Business Partners authorized application software is compatible with this system. Designed with few tools to give easy access replaceable hard drives and power supplies, servicing this system is easy and stress-free. With a flash drive memory of up to 4GB, this POS system allows flexibility with data storage and retrieval. It comes with an open system. This highly adaptable design allows you to add new applications and technology as the retail industry evolves.


This POS system can do it all. If you offer fuel services, it can handle that. If you wish to incorporate kiosks, preferred shopper programs, or personal shopping assistants, no problem. If you want to integrate a detailed and easily manageable coupon system, go ahead. Gift cards, phone cards, PIN numbers for credit card payments? Check. Check. Check. Other great benefits of this system include the ability to work offline, backward compatibility, a system versatile enough to incorporate new technology, password protected security, and world-class technical support from IBM.

Improve Your Retail Business with Carroll Business Systems

Whether you’re relatively new to the retail business or you’re looking for a competitive advantage, HMS provides the POS systems you need to stay competitive in an evolving field. Springfield, MO, offers an ever-expanding and increasingly lucrative market for those willing to capitalize on it. Contact HMS today to get on the path to improved profit.