4 Ways that Cloud POS Helps Small Businesses Stay Competitive


People Won’t Wait in Line Like This When You Get Cloud POS

Small Businesses Use Cloud POS to Compete

If you own a small business in today’s business climate, you need to keep up to stay alive and do well in your industry. Whether you run a restaurant or own an infant clothing store, you need to keep track of your inventory, take charge of your price management, and have a functional POS system that allows your employees to maximize their time. For the small business owner, cloud POS systems, like MobileBytes or Oracle POS, come in handy for many different reasons. Our HMS team explores the advantages of cloud POS for small businesses looking to stay competitive.

Heightened Organization

Let’s face it. Most small businesses (and, honestly, massive corporations) struggle to keep everything in their business organized. Businesses lose track of employee hours, they misplace inventory, or they lose track of promotions. Almost all of these problems occur because of human error. When you use a robust cloud POS system, you eliminate most issues by keeping everything stored in one place. Employees clock in on the system, so those time slips are recorded. Your management team sets the inventory, and each time an item sells, the cloud POS takes care of adjusting the numbers. These systems also streamline promotions, so employees don’t have to key in sales prices each time.

Systematic Control

You no longer have to rely on employee meetings, word of mouth, or strict observation to ensure that your clearance sales or promotional prices stay fixed. With a POS system, it’s no longer easy for one employee to forget or hear the wrong thing and key in improper sales amounts. Since all these systems store all data on cloud storage, you have access to sales, inventory, and other insights at all times.

Inventory & Sales Trends

With automatically compiled and easily accessed inventory and sales data comes better predictions. You can now discover sales trends depending on the time of year or your promotions. In this way, Cloud POS equips you to better prepare. Never over order niche items or run out of popular sellers ever again.

Speed & Efficiency

Cloud POS improves the speed of checkout. This, in turn, improves your customers’ experiences. If they associate your business with the time they stood in line for a half hour, they might think twice about visiting again. A timely shopping experience, however, will entice customers to return to your store again and again.

Get Cloud POS from HMS

HMS offers a couple cloud POS systems well suited to small businesses. Oracle Simphony™ works great for retail and restaurants of different types. Isn’t it time to grow your business to the next level? Choose cloud POS to stay ahead of the game. Contact HMS today to get started.