Best Point of Sales Systems for the Restaurant Industry


employees using one of the point of sales systems from CBS & HMS

Picking the Right Point of Sales Systems for Your Restaurant

When shopping for point of sales systems for your restaurant, it can be difficult to wade through all of your options and features to know which choice is the right one for you. At Carroll Business Systems and HMS, we offer several different point of sales systems that are perfect for any restaurant, from a small, casual lunch spot to a larger, upscale date night location. Below are three of our most popular POS systems for the restaurant industry.

RES 3700 POS System

The RES 3700 POS System from CBS & HMS is an excellent choice for your growing restaurant. This POS system has tools to help you run the back office, the operations of the restaurant, and guest services from one convenient system. The RES 3700 system can grow with your business, allowing you to incorporate more terminals as your business develops. The JTECH pager system that comes as a part of the RES 3700 allows you and your employees to better keep track of guest wait times and reduce bottlenecking situations.

Point of Sales Systems from CBS & HMS

If you are shopping for new point of sales systems for your restaurant, Carroll Business Systems and HMS has the products for you. We have point of sales systems that work for any size restaurant and will help streamline every aspect of your restaurant operations into an easy-to-use system. For more information on our point of sales systems and how it can benefit your business, contact our offices today. We look forward to hearing from you!