Everything You Need to Know About Oracle POS


Oracle POS is a Great SystemWhat You Need to Know About Oracle POS

The Simphony Oracle POS system offers an array of features and benefits to bring your business to the next level. An Oracle system can seamlessly integrate into an existing business model. HMS are proud to offer the Simphony Oracle POS system to our clients. Read on to learn some of the most crucial features that the Oracle system can offer your business.

Guest Satisfaction

A big part of Oracle’s operating system is dedicated to improving the guest experience. Support for gift cards, loyalty programs, and purchase history allows you to truly optimize your business for your customers. Even if the network fails for some reason, Oracle has the capability to continue operations without losing a step. Finally, Oracle POS system has easy upgrades and patches which means you spend less time worrying about your POS system and more time helping your customers.


Oracle POS does a ton of great things for the guest, but it offers just as many amazing features for you and your employees. Communication between the kitchen, the management, and the rest of the staff is completely connected and seamless. No longer will you have to deal with miscommunication between the staff. Oracle makes sure you and your staff are on the same page when business is at its busiest. This will not only lead to better customer satisfaction but better employee satisfaction as well. Which means less stress for you.

Analyze Your Business Like Never Before

Oracle POS makes reporting and analyzing data simple and intuitive. It’s never been easier for you to see transaction data and trend reports. With this complete control right at your fingertips, you’re able to make the best and most financially beneficial decisions for your business. On top of this, the Oracle POS system is completely scalable to your growth. This means that the Oracle grows as you grow. View reports and data across locations in one convenient place. There simply isn’t a more intuitive system for the owner of multiple businesses.

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