How Do You Know If Your Restaurant Needs a POS System?


A POS System Will Cut Down On Wait Times

Indicators that Your Restaurant Needs a POS System

Some restaurants have slipped through the cracks and survived years without using a POS system. They get by on their name and fantastic food, but they are more than likely losing business because they still write tickets or call back orders to cooks. If this sounds like your restaurant model, you might want to shop around for a POS system. Read on for the certain signs that your restaurant could benefit from incorporating point of sale systems.

You Run Out of Food On Busy Days

Timing and managing food orders can seem like more than work; it may seem to need a bit of magic and some luck. If your restaurant regularly runs out of food on your busiest days or throws away food on your slowest days, then you could benefit from restaurant POS systems. These systems can track the food you serve and prep over any period of time. This helps you identify trends. See what days you typically run out of food and what items you run out of most. Discover the main reasons for food waste and watch those areas of the kitchen closely.

Guests Leave Because of Long Wait Times

If your hosting staff struggles to keep up with the speed at which tables turn and get cleaned, then you are probably losing business. Guests don’t like to see clean tables while they sit and wait for a “clean table.” A POS system will keep track of table times and the stage of the meal each guest is in. This will drastically cut down wait times.

Easy Reservations

If you find yourself unable to accept reservations because they get lost in the hectic shuffle of the rush, then you need a POS system. These systems will allow guests to make reservations online or through a simple phone call. Once your system logs the reservation, you will not miss it. Leave the hard work to your hardware. When the time comes, you will have a table ready and a happy customer. Happy guests and the ability to keep your restaurant running efficiently in peak hours mean more business for you now and in the future.

Choose a POS System from HMS

At HMS, we know all there is to know about restaurant point of sale systems. We will not only set up your system for you but also train staff members on how to get the most out of their POS. We also offer maintenance plans, so you don’t take a hit if your system goes down. Contact HMS and Carroll Business Systems today for more information.