How Does Aloha POS Compare to Micros POS?


This Aloha POS System is Great for Business

Comparing Aloha POS and Micros POS

Choosing the right POS system for your business is crucial. You need to make sure it works for your business model, your employees, and your customers. Two of the best options are the Aloha POS and Micros POS systems. These two systems have a lot in common, but there are some differences to consider before making a decision. Carroll Business Systems and HMS provide a number of options, let us help you choose the best for you needs.


The first big difference you’ll notice between Micros and Aloha POS is the versatility they offer. They’re both adaptable, just in different ways. Micros is versatile in the purest sense. You can use a Micros POS system across a variety of industries, whether it’s a restaurant or it’s retail. Aloha POS is versatile in a different sense. It's more specifically designed for restaurant use, but it allows for a variety of peripherals.

Ease of Use

Since Aloha POS is specifically designed for use in restaurants, it’s typically easier and more intuitive for employees to learn to use. That’s not to say Micros is lacking when it comes to being intuitive, it just has less of a specific focus. Since Aloha isn’t as feature heavy, employees may have an easier time picking up on the way it works.


Aloha POS may be easier to use, but Micros is unparalleled when it comes to features. Micros has an extremely large array of features meant to meet the needs of any and all businesses. Aloha has its share of features too, but they’re not quite as extensive as Micros. Although Aloha does have some features Micros doesn’t and vice versa.


One area that Micros POS really takes the crown in is eCommerce features. This may be obvious, since Aloha POS is more focused on restaurants and website sales aren’t as important for the restaurant industry. If having a big online retail presence is important to your industry, Micros POS may be a better choice for your needs.

Let us Help You Choose Between Micros and Aloha POS

Carroll Business Systems and HMS specializes in finding you the perfect system to meet your needs. Aloha POS may be better suited to your specific business but it’s hard to know. We’ll make the process much easier for you. Contact us today for more information. We’ll work with you to find the best solution for your business.