How MICROS POS Can Benefit Your Movie Theater


This Movie Theater Benefits from MICROS POSUse MICROS POS In Your Movie Theater

With giant blockbusters and even critically acclaimed indie movies pulling in tons of moviegoers each year, movie theaters have to be ready for the crowds. A well-run movie theater is able to get their patrons in and out at a steady, efficient rate. When one movie lets out, you need to be ready for the rush of guests arriving for the next one. This isn’t even taking concessions into account. A great way to improve the guest experience and ease for employees is implementing a MICROS POS system. A MICROS POS system from HMS offers a variety of useful features for movie theaters.

A Robust Ticketing System

Obviously, the most important aspect of running a movie theater is selling plenty of tickets. When the rush comes, you want to be able to quickly and efficiently serve your guest so they can be in their seats before the trailers start. MICROS POS gives you this and more. Not only will you be able to quickly serve your guests, you’ll be able to take in tons of useful transaction data as well. MICROS makes viewing trends and sales reports easy and seamless. On top of this, MICROS makes it easy to implement a rewards or customer loyalty program. This gives your customers another reason to come to your movie theater over others.

Seamless Concession Stand Integration

Nothing goes better together than movies and popcorn. Concessions are another great way for movie theaters to make revenue, and MICROS POS makes it easier than ever to connect all your revenue streams. See your ticket and concession data all in one report.

Great for Multiple Businesses

Do you run various movie theaters and want them to be more connected? MICROS POS takes care of that, too. As a fully scalable POS system, MICROS will grow with your business. If you have multiple locations, MICROS will be fully integrated so you can see all of your data in one place. This makes running your business much easier and more efficient.

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HMS and Carroll Business Systems only carries the highest quality POS solutions. MICROS POS is one of the most trusted and robust systems in the industry. In addition, it has amazing MICROS support service plans to ensure you’re always up and running. Contact us today or view our website for more information. We’ll be happy to recommend the perfect POS system for your business needs.