Oracle Introduces Oracle's MICROS Workstation ...


Oracle Introduces Oracle’s MICROS Workstation 6 Point-of-Service Terminal
Sleek workstation design and superior reliability enhance staff and guest experiences


News Summary
c82-workstation6-2492301As hotels and restaurants employ mobile, social, and informational tools to connect with guests, they require a new type of “engagement” device at the point of service (POS). To meet this need, Oracle today introduced Oracle’s MICROS Workstation 6 with a fresh, modern design that provides hospitality and select retail venues with a next-generation POS terminal that works in concert with mobile, cloud, and social media to deliver consistent, integrated content across multiple sources.

For hospitality businesses, Oracle’s MICROS Workstation 6 is part of an integrated strategy built around content delivery, moving well beyond transactions to offer guest recommendations, roll out special promotions, and personalize the guest experience. The workstation is a single engagement device that shares digital content from a variety of sources with both staff members and guests, from sharing a training video with a new worker to helping a guest view a spa package or menu special being offered.

Building upon a deep industry hardware legacy, Oracle’s MICROS Workstation 6 incorporates the design elements of mobile POS hardware to deliver an elegant, stationary engagement device with an attractive finish and small footprint. The ergonomic, all-in-one design minimizes the visual obstruction between guest and staff, while a 15.6-inch-wide HD touchscreen enables a beautifully rich, horizontal information format. The mount allows staff to adjust the screen angle or swivel it around for a guest to view.

The new terminal also expands the integrated family of Oracle’s MICROS engagement devices, which includes Oracle’s MICROS R-Series Tablet and Oracle’s MICROS E-Series Tablet in 8-inch and 11-inch versions. With an intuitive user interface and similar look and feel, Oracle’s MICROS Workstation 6 helps employees move seamlessly between tablet and workstation.
Oracle’s MICROS Workstation 6 operates the Microsoft Windows Embedded 8.1 Industry Pro system and runs the latest Intel Atom processor for high performance and low thermal output. A modular, integrated, three-track magnetic card reader allows for 3DES or AES encryption upon swiping. In addition, Oracle’s MICROS Workstation 6 includes six USB ports, allowing users to attach peripherals such as printers, scanners, and cash drawers.

Like legacy MICROS hardware, the new workstation is designed to stand up to harsh, often unpredictable service environments and operates in a wide range of temperatures. It features a spill- and impact-resistant enclosure that can withstand the day-to-day abuse common in the hospitality and retail industries. With no moving parts, the workstation is designed for long-lasting durability.
The new terminal leverages select Oracle Hospitality and Oracle Retail applications to provide a fluid, intuitive touchscreen experience and minimize the learning curve for new employees. Oracle software and hardware is engineered to work together so implementation is simple and seamless.

Backed by Oracle’s industry-leading technology, service, and support, Oracle’s MICROS Workstation 6 provides adaptability to changing operational requirements and access to the latest technology. As part of the Oracle portfolio of hardware, software, and related services including cloud solutions, the terminal builds upon Oracle’s commitment to providing solutions that optimize business processes and offer guests superior service and experience through connected technology.

“Oracle’s MICROS Workstation 6 gives us a more modern look and intuitive user interface that supports hotel and restaurant staff at the point of service,” said John Huddle, director of Information Technology at Silver Diner, the iconic American restaurant chain. “We believe Oracle’s MICROS product delivers a better overall guest experience while providing us with a durable and flexible long-term solution.” “Technology continues to reshape the hospitality industry and allows a renewed focus on the guest. The design of Oracle’s MICROS Workstation 6 leverages new, modern technologies to help improve guest transactions, streamline business operations, and enhance guest loyalty,” said Ray Carlin, vice president, Strategy and Solutions Management, Oracle Hospitality. “The next-generation point-of-service terminal is a guest engagement device that is feature rich, elegant, and integrated with mobile, as well as exceptionally reliable and durable.”