Proper Maintenance for my POS System


This POS System Benefits from Proper Maintenance

Maintaining Your POS System

Once you have your new POS system, you’ll want to keep it in top condition as long as possible. Proper maintenance of your POS system will ensure that it lasts as long as possible. Our point of sale systems are already built to last, but they can definitely benefit from some general care every now and then. In today’s blog, we give you some tips on keeping your POS system running at peak performance.

Keep Your POS System Clean

If may be obvious, but keeping your POS solution clean will help it to last a long time. Dust is the enemy of electronics, so make sure to dust your system regularly. Most systems utilize a touchscreen, so if you decide to clean that, make sure you use a cloth and solution that is touchscreen safe. There are plenty of options available at most department or electronic stores. If your system utilizes a receipt printer, make sure it’s clear of scraps that could jam it. Also don’t forget that the touchscreen is highly intuitive, which means you don’t have to press very hard to get it to work. Being gentle with the machines will prevent accidents from happening.

Trust Our Support System

Sometimes your POS system may have a technical glitch or it may need a software update. Updates keep your technology current and will fix any bugs that may pop up. Luckily, this is an aspect of maintenance that you don’t need to worry about. Carroll Business Systems and HMS has a stellar support team that values efficient and effective customer service. If you have an issue, just let us know. We’ll send someone out as soon as possible to resolve the issue. We also can easily work our support plans into your budget to give you the exact attention your business needs. We have several maintenance plans available that are custom suited for different business sizes and needs.

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HMS only supplies our customers with the best POS system solutions on the market. In the rare occasion that you have an issue, our support team is ready to respond accordingly. We provide POS system solutions for hotels, restaurants, and retail locations. Contact us today or view our website for more information. We can’t wait to help you bring your business to the next level.