Why Are Businesses Increasingly Turning to Cloud POS?


Servers Can Input Orders from the Table with Cloud POS

Cloud POS: Why It’s Good for Business

Cloud POS, though unheard of only a few years ago, has infiltrated almost all retail and restaurant markets to some degree. If you visit a food truck downtown or a hip coffee shop, chances are an employee will tap out your order on an iPad or a smartphone. In a previous blog this month, we already spoke about some of the major reasons cloud POS systems make sense for savvy small-business owners, but we want to explore the reasons why more and more businesses of all shapes and sizes continue to turn to cloud POS.

Protect Your Data

It’s simple, really. When you backup your data to the cloud, you add extra security. Of course, many businesses should and do keep data stored offline, but keeping data in the cloud gives you an added level of security. High-quality cloud POS systems will regularly and automatically sync data. If you have a malfunction with your POS devices, you can always restore them with the previously synced software and updates.

Doesn’t Need to Be Mobile But Works Great that Way

Many larger retailers and restaurants consider cloud POS an unrealistic choice because they assume they will need to replace all existing devices with tablets or smartphones. Don’t let this myth deter you from exploring your options! All of the best cloud point of sales systems work on most POS devices, so you don’t have to change anything aside from your software.

If you want a more versatile and mobile environment, however, cloud POS will make that option available to you in a way other POS systems just can’t. Consider a restaurant where servers can submit orders from the table. Imagine your sales floor team having the ability to check inventory from the sales floor with their smartphones. With cloud POS, these ideas become realities.

Streamlined Updates & Management

When you link all of your POS systems, you can easily update all of them at once. In fact, you update the software, which sits in the cloud, so you only need to update from one location. All other devices will pull the updated software from the cloud. Because they all use the same force, you no longer have to worry about each individual device updating appropriately and at the same time. Managers can even update the system from their office or from home with their personal devices.

Management works the same way. Cloud systems work especially well for businesses with multiple locations. Because each location pulls from the same software, you never worry about inconsistencies between different stores or restaurants. This way, owners and managers can have access to information at all locations. This makes it easier for you to make informed decisions with your entire business in mind.

Choose Cloud POS from HMS

If you want to improve and streamline your business, switching to a cloud point of sales system will go a long way to getting you on the right track. At HMS, we train you on your new POS system and help you troubleshoot any issues that may arrive. Contact HMS today to get started with the cloud system of your choice.