You Should Get Micros Support at Your Business for These 3 Reasons


Get Immediate MICROS Support from HMS & CBS

Why Your Business Needs Micros Support

If you own a small business or a franchise, whether it might be a restaurant or a grocery store, then you probably have a POS system like MICROS POS. If you don’t have MICROS POS, you should consider the advantages of including the purchase of this type of system in your business budget. With a powerful point of sale system, you can reach more customers, cut down waste on your ordering, and streamline your team’s work process. If you are in the market for MICROS POS, then you know how powerful of a tool it can be. But maybe you are asking yourself whether you need MICROS support or not. Let’s take a look at a few key reasons why your business might benefit from MICROS support from Hospitality Business Systems and Carroll Business Systems.

Faster Support Times

When you purchase MICROS support with HMS, you get timely support. We often find issues with your POS system before you even do. We can do this by virtually monitoring your system, annually installing high-quality antivirus software, and making ourselves available by phone.

Learn How to Properly Use Your POS System

MICROS support from HMS & CBS includes an extensive training session for your MICROS POS system. Our technicians will work with your staff once every quarter to discuss updates and improvements to the system. We train you on all aspects of your MICROS POS, so you can fully take advantage of all it has to offer.

We Come to You for Maintenance

When you choose MICROS support from a local company, you get on-site maintenance. If you experience normal wear and tear failures of your POS system, we will come to your place of business to fix it. You don’t need the hassle of sending in your system and waiting a week for a replacement. We stop by your restaurant, retail store, or hotel to fix your system right there and then. You can count on HMS & CBS to help keep your business running smoothly.

Choose MICROS Support from HMS

MICROS support is a must when you own a competitive business that relies on your POS system to run efficiently. This support should come from a company with a location in your area, so you can get timely maintenance and help. Luckily, HMS provide maintenance and MICROS support to all of our customers. Contact HMS and Carroll Business Systems today to get started.