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If you need additional supplies for your POS system, HMS can make sure you have everything you need. Place your supply order below.

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Thermal Paper - SKU 8007

Price: $105.00 Quantity:
1/8"x230'x50 rolls per box. Thermal Paper for all MICROS Thermal Printers.

1-ply white paper - SKU: 7071

Price: $55.00 Quantity:
00 1-Ply White Paper 3"x190'x50 rolls per box. 1-Ply White Paper for all MICROS Impact Roll Printers.

2-Ply White Paper - SKU: 7071-wc

Price: $75.00 Quantity:
2-Ply White Paper 3"x95'x50 rolls, White/Canary. 2-Ply Paper for all MICROS Impact Roll Printers.

Cartridge Ribbon - (10/box) SKU: ERC38BR

Price: $60.80 Quantity:
Cartridge Ribbon for MICROS TM-U200, 220, 300 Printer. (10/box)

Magnetic ID Card - 25 pack SKU: MAGCARD

Price: $62.50 Quantity:
Prevents unauthorized access to MICROS system functions. Sold in packs of 25.

Retractible Card Minder - SKU: SUP-Z-SKIZIP

Price: $2.50 Quantity:
Retractable "leash" to attach mag-card to belt loop, button hole, etc.

Magnetic Card Reader Cleaner - SKU: MAGCARDCLEANER

Price: $2.50 Quantity:
Disposable head cleaning card for all types of magnetic card reading devices.

Cart Cash Drawer Till - SKU:TILL

Price: $65.00 Quantity:
Cash Drawer Till for MICROS workstation.