POS Systems for Omaha, NE Restaurants

Restaurant POS systemsWith a booming tourism industry and a wealth of attractions, Omaha, NE is a highly competitive battleground for restaurants looking to attract customers. Things have the potential to get much more difficult when you’re trying to manage your sales in the busiest seasons. Having the perfect point of sale system makes all the difference.

HMS has extensive experience in optimizing the performance of retailers, hotels, resorts, restaurants and more when it comes to their POS systems. If you’re a restaurant owner in Omaha, NE looking for a new, efficient, reliable and adaptable point of sale system, take a look at some of our options.

Efficient Full Service Restaurant POS Systems from MICROS

The MICROS Restaurant Enterprise Solution Table Service Restaurants (MICROS RES TSR) is much more than just a cash register. No matter the size or scale of your operation, MICROS RES TSR adapts to your business in ways no other restaurant POS system can.

MICROS RES TSR is a complete restaurant POS software solution with tools for the back-office, restaurant operations, and guest services. The software package includes options that allow you to streamline the experience of both customers and users. Combining security, data integrity, easy deployment, and real-time business intelligence, MICROS RES TSR gives you instant access to the information you need so you can boost profits and decrease time spent at the point of sale.

What a MICROS POS System Offers You

  • Latest touchscreen technology
  • Easily understood and intuitive graphical interface
  • Training options that teach employees important processes step-by-step in real-time
  • Realistic table floor plan that cuts away confusion and improves efficiency
  • Clear table monitoring with color-coded icons that change colors when guests need attention
  • Adaptive capabilities – the system works the way you want to work
  • Instantaneous profit tracking and analyzing
  • Fully scalable, growing as your business grows
  • Provides data to track monthly and yearly trends
  • Ensures your data is safe and secure
  • Integrates across every aspect of your business

This means you get greater control in one easy-to-use POS system, so your managers can track employee hours, order shipments of produce, and regulate the dining room and kitchens. With greater control and greater access to information, owners, management, and staff can better prepare for rushes, keep tabs on ticket times, and tweak ordering, table service, and seating practices. The synchronicity offered by an efficient system means better, faster service for your customers.

Training, keeping track of food costs, food waste, and shipments with smart POS system technology has never been so easy as with MICROS POS. Cutting needless food waste and accurate ordering, along with a knowledgeable and speedy staff, are integral to a competitive full-service dining business plan.

Management Benefits of MICROS POS

Owners and management can cut down on food waste by monitoring voids, no sales, and zero balance transactions discreetly. They can also oversee ticket times and other operational situations pertinent to customer service. Knowing your staff is performing at their best and that your restaurant has everything it needs when it needs it provides you with peace of mind and the confidence to rise up Omaha’s tourism food chain.

HMS Knows The Industry

If you’re considering a MICROS POS system for your Omaha, NE-based restaurant, HMS can help. Not only do we provide both the hardware and the software, but we have intensive maintenance plans so you know your system is taken care of. Contact us today for more information!