On-Premise Hospitality POS Systems

Carroll Business Systems and Hospitality Management Systems offer hospitality POS systems for a wide variety of different hospitality businesses. Whether you’re the owner of a restaurant, cafe, or bar, reliable, efficient and secure software for your point of sale system is vital. Take a look at our selections below.

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RES 3700 On-Premise Hospitality POS Software

RES 3700 is a complete restaurant POS system software solution you can fit to your needs, with tools for the back-office, restaurant operations, and guest services. This fully-integrated restaurant POS system is flexible to suit your business while being powerful enough to handle transactions quickly and easily.

This system is adaptive to your way of doing business and offers immediate visibility into profit impacting situations and developments. It also has an open architecture that grows with your needs, with a powerful business intelligence. All of this comes together to offer a substantial part of your total competitive edge in the hospitality industry.

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SpeedLine POS System

Speedline is a pizza and delivery Enterprise POS that keeps your business going. Put a SpeedLine point of sale system to work in your restaurant to boost customer loyalty, simplify payroll and employee record-keeping, streamline accounting, and eliminate hours of paperwork.

Get control of food and labor costs by managing all aspects of your operation. You’ll find SpeedLine POS software at the heart of many delivery and carryout pizzerias, quick service and fast casual restaurants, and multi-brand restaurant chains in six countries. With SpeedLine, you can see clearly into every area of business performance, helping you grow your business consistently and profitably.
Improve front-of-house, delivery service level and profitability, and manage multiple locations with no added effort by investing in a point of sale system that pays for itself.

Your New Hospitality POS System

If you’re looking for sturdy and reliable POS software for you hospitality business, you can find the right one at Carroll Business Systems or Hospitality Management Systems. Having powerful POS software will not just make sales easier, but offer you forecasts and insight into how your business is performing and planning for the future.

Along with your software, you also have the options to purchase one of our support plans. With our support plans, you have the ultimate peace of mind in knowing that should the system, software or hardware encounter any issues, you’ll get expert, friendly help. We also offer free training each year, so that you can be armed with the knowledge and skills for getting the most out of your system. Contact our point of sale systems professionals today.