The SALIDO Standard POS Bundle.

Bundle and save with SALIDO! Get everything you need to seamlessly run your restaurant while simultaneously saving money. Our Standard POS Bundle features:

  • A portable and powerful, iPad tablet-based SALIDO POS.
  • A protective metal enclosure.
  • A base for docking and charging.
  • A Payanywhere 3-in-1 Bluetooth Credit Card Reader.
  • A convenient receipt printer.

You can even add on a Cash Drawer and Kitchen Printer. You can purchase our Standard POS Bundle or take advantage of our Placement Program.

The SALIDO Viento.

Increase restaurant revenue with our sleek, handheld payment solution. The SALIDO Viento offers tableside ordering and checkout from anywhere on your property, including your deck or patio. Securely accept all forms of payments including:

  • EMV chip cards.
  • NFC contactless payments.
  • Traditional magstripe cards.

All while accessing real-time data and stock counts, and offering digital signatures and receipts. With the SALIDO Viento, you can:

  • Provide a frictionless checkout.
  • Increase table turns and customer satisfaction.
  • Decrease chargebacks.

It’s higher profits in the palm of your hand! For more details on the SALIDO Viento, check out our sell sheet here.

The SALIDO + OPERA Interface.

Hotel operators sing the praises of this advanced interface that has transformed the hotel dining experience. The SALIDO + OPERA Interface supports hotels with multiple restaurants and shops, while:

  • Eliminating payment friction at all of your property’s revenue centers.
  • Allowing you to access easy-to-understand reports anywhere, at any time.
  • Offering payment processing and technical support under one roof.

Best of all, it’s less expensive than a MICROS upgrade!

For more about the SALIDO + OPERA Interface, download our sell sheet here.

SALIDO Cash Discount.

Cash Discount is SALIDO’s innovative program that allows you to treat every transaction as a cash transaction! Here’s how it works:

  • You secure one low rate on every credit card transaction.
  • All tickets are assigned two prices: A “cash” price and an “other payment” price.
  • A unique price decrease is applied to an item whenever cash is used.

That’s all there is to it! SALIDO Cash Discount is perfect for full- and quick-service restaurants, as well as hotels and resorts.

For more details on SALIDO Cash Discount, download our sell sheet here.