MICROS POS Business Solutions

If you are in the hospitality industry, you’re already well aware of the unique challenge business owners face throughout the day, from day-to-day operations, staff training, perfectly-timed promotions and more – it’s never ending. Whether you own a bar, full-service restaurant, hotel or retail store, a MICROS POS system from HMS can help increase your operating efficiency, increase profits and decrease overall stress.


Hotels & Resorts

Our MICROS POS systems are designed to meet the specific needs of hotel and resort operators around the globe, whether it’s a small, privately-owned bed and breakfast or a sprawling resort with multiple locations around the country. HMS offer several cloud POS solutions, POS hardware and even POS system training for you and your staff to ensure your hotel or resort operations run smoothly.

Full Service

The experts at HMS understand that there is a need for a broad-reaching tool with advanced solutions for your front of house, back of house and management staff alike. Our MICROS POS offerings for full-service restaurants can help you meet the immediate needs of your customers while offering an easy-to-use point of sale system, an ongoing inventory management system, customer and employee staffing tools and more.

Our MICROS POS solutions for full-service restaurants can be used within all kinds of full-service establishments, including independent establishments and chain franchises.


For retail applications, it’s vitally important that your point of sale system can keep up with your constantly changing promotions. A MICROS POS system from HMS will provide a product system that is easy to update with superior inventory management options.

Fast Casual

Fast casual restaurants require fast-paced service, often have high turnover rates, and typically update menu items frequently. Such demands require a powerful MICROS POS system that can offer more than just point of sale capabilities. Fast casual point of sale solutions from Carroll Business Systems and HMS will meet the unique needs of your fast casual business to ensure effective operations and significant results.

MICROS POS Applications


  • Specialty Dining
  • Coffee Houses
  • Retail
  • Independent
  • International
  • Chain
  • Full Service
  • Counter Service
  • Full Service/Counter Service Combination


  • Hotel
  • Motel
  • Event Facilities
  • Restaurant Operations


  • Bowling Alleys
  • Theme Parks
  • Movie Theaters
  • Casinos