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A POS system can revolutionize your hotel

Results-Driven POS System Solutions for Hotels, Resorts, and More

MICROS Large Enterprise System is the most powerful POS system available for hotels, resorts, casinos, stadiums, event facilities, and large-scale restaurant operations on a Wide Area Network. Installations range from small, specialized operations to large enterprise configurations spanning multiple properties over large geographical areas.

MICROS is one of the most widely used point-of-sale solutions in the leisure and entertainment market. Whether you operate one restaurant or hundreds, MICROS has years of industry experience. With POS system software that can comfortably take on many different operations simultaneously, you’ll feel safe in the hands of your MICROS POS system.

POS Systems on a Large Scale

The POS system’s features easily meet the demands of all aspects of the large enterprise hospitality industry, from high volume operations such as resorts and casinos to specialty restaurants and retail operations, and even large food service operations spanning multiple markets.

Our POS systems are also great for improving the quality of life for both you and your staff. The intuitive interface makes guest services simple to use for staff members. The unneeded stress of a complicated system can cause staff to be unsatisfied, inevitably affecting service to your customers. This will no longer be a problem with MICROS POS. An anxiety free staff will ease your burdens, too - owners have enough stress, so let MICROS POS take some of that stress away.

If you want your hotel or resort to be as fully integrated as possible, a MICROS POS system is the solution for you. It’s never been easier for you to track trends and view reports than with a MICROS POS system. If you have multiple hotels you can track trends across all of your locations. MICROS POS is fully scalable so it can grow as you grow.

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Here at HMS, we work with you to find the best solution for your hotel or resort. We also offer many peripherals to enhance your systems, with a support team that is unparalleled. We place great importance on keeping your POS systems running at peak efficiency, and with a variety of support options, we will be able to help you in a way that is fast and convenient. For more information about our hotel and resort MICROS POS system solutions, contact Carroll Business Systems and HMS today.

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