Hotel & Resort Point of Sale Systems in Dallas, TX

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Dallas, Texas is the third most popular destination for business travel, and the Dallas-Fort Worth area is also a major economic hub for tourism in sporting events. With countless individuals traveling to the Dallas area every year, it’s vital that hotel, resort and convention center operators have powerful point of sale systems that can handle a high volume of transactions on a daily basis.

Dallas POS System Solutions

When purchasing and integrating point of sale systems for hotel and resort operations in the Dallas area, it is important to consider the requirements and demands of the large enterprise hospitality industry. As a business owner, you know the demands of your business better than anyone, and your POS system needs to be able to keep up with the operational requirements of your hotel, casino, water park or other leisure operation.

HMS is a leading provider of the MICROS Large Enterprise System, the most powerful POS system available on the market. These point of sale systems are ideal for lodging facilities like resorts and hotels, or even large event facilities like stadiums and convention centers.

The MICROS Large Enterprise System offers a host of features tailored specifically for the leisure and entertainment market. Manage waiting lists and reservations with robust guest services applications, improve order accuracy and efficiency with restaurant kitchen displays and reduce losses while improving safety with integrated video surveillance systems. All this and more is possible with the MICROS Large Enterprise System.

Point of sale systems from HMS are fully capable of meeting the constantly changing, high demands of the large enterprise hospitality industry. Whether you have a multiple-location restaurant establishment or you manage a specialty leisure operation, our POS systems can improve the efficiency of your day-to-day business operations while also increasing sales and overall customer satisfaction.


Point of sale systems from HMS offer a wide range of potential applications for business owners in the Dallas area. These businesses include:

  • Casinos
  • Water parks
  • Multi-location restaurant chains
  • Hotels
  • Large scale resorts
  • Sports arenas
  • Entertainment complexes

Explore More Dallas Point of Sale Systems

HMS offers several different POS systems for business owners in the Dallas area. We also offer POS system training, POS supplies and technical maintenance and support for your ongoing convenience.

For more information about each of our Dallas POS system solutions, please visit our point of sale systems product page or contact our Dallas office today to place an order.