MICROS POS for Hotels & Resorts in Springfield, MO


According to Forbes and the city website, Springfield, MO, is one of the cheapest places to do business, one of the top 100 cities in the country for job growth, and has grown at a rapid rate since the end of the recession. More business, more jobs, and more people equal one thing for hotels—more guests. With the Internet age, guests know what they want and they demand a fast, convenient, and customizable experience. MICROS POS Large Enterprise System (LES) gives hotels in Springfield the tools to provide everything a guest could ask for.

A Few Features of MICROS POS

You can handle all aspects of your hotel with MICROS POS LES. This POS system is extremely resilient and functions even during upstream technical failure. Stand Alone Resilient (SAR) terminals offer functional checking, cashiering and service function during total system failures. The MICROS POS system keeps your business running even when the network is down.

MICROS POS comes with plenty of features that help growing hotel chains, established franchises, and independent hotels. MICROS POS offers the following features and more:

  • Database support
  • SAR clients that function as a fail-safe
  • SOA operational resilience
  • Ethernet-based printing and communication
  • Coupon functionality
  • Guest web/kiosk ordering services

Why Should Hotels in Springfield, MO, Choose MICROS POS?

With an ever-expanding economy and growing population, the Springfield area will provide your hotel with more profit if you let it. You just need to take advantage of the environment. MICROS POS is a POS system that can help you do just that. Track and search transactions to better understand your guests. MICROS POS provides personalized and faster guest services with kiosks and high-speed credit card authorization.

Easily track and report the cost of goods, discounts, promotions, employee time clocks, employee schedules, and service charges with MICROS POS. The more you can track in your hotel, the more you can control. The more you can control and tweak, the better you can tailor your hotel experiences to specific guests. Because this is the age of online booking and Springfield is a city known for business savvy, offering personalized and quick services will earn you bonus points with most guests. Make a business professional’s stay comfortable, convenient, and exactly how they like it, and they will return on their next trip to Springfield.

Take Your Hotel to the Next Level with HMS

With more than 35 years of point of sale experience, HMS knows precisely what hotel owners, management, and staff need to give their guests the best possible stay. Our popular POS systems, like MobileBytes POS,and MICROS POS, will take your hotel to the next level. Contact us today to get started with a top of the line POS systems.