HMS Testimonials

HMS Testimonials

About two weeks ago I joined Heartland online ordering services through HMS, and let me tell you about my experience which was AMAZING!! I am a chef have been cooking for almost 40 years and not a computer person at all, however once I was told that I have to go online do this do that… I was panicked and I thought to myself, oh… no but once I start to talking to this young lady (Whitney) everything changed. She was so kind, understanding and so gentle with explaining everything to me that I felt YES!! I can do this! And I did, thanks to her. Please please let every one know about this wonderful person and let the other people also know that this is the way to talk and teach a normal average person like me how to use your service. She is so wonderful and I am extremely grateful to her.

Thank you so much and I know I can call her or email her anytime I feel like I need her help with my menu or anything related to that matter.

You rock Whitney!

Thank you!

Chef Shahla

-Saffron Girl

HMS has been providing and servicing the point of sale and system solutions for Springfield Brewing Company for the past dozen years. In that time they have been prompt and professional. They have been accommodating to all of our needs and the quality of their work has been exceptional.

I recommend Carroll Business Systems for any point of sale, hospitality or retail system needs. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or concerns.

-Springfield Brewing Company

We’ve been with HMS since 1998 when we opened our second location. They’ve always been a professional, courteous team, willing to go the extra mile for training. The trainers always made sure our staff had a complete understanding of the system before opening. Their service contracts are fair and well worth the price. The support departments have been extremely responsive to our needs. I made a mistake once and chose one of their competitors from out of state. The long-
term cost of that decision far exceeded what HMS could have provided. Even with an extended service contract, we could not get near the level of service that HMS provides.
Mark Carroll has been a generous leader throughout the community of Springfield. The salesperson, Corey Norton, will not sell you a system that doesn’t meet your needs. HMS is more than prepared to complete the job, and will exceed
 your expectations.


Pizzabella is a locally owned business which operates restaurants in the greater Kansas City area. Both locations currently use Micros POS systems sold and supported by HMS (HMS).
One of the systems was installed recently at the Crossroads location. After carefully researching several POS systems including Clover, Pizzabella elected to again invest in Micros for several reasons.

• System support is in-house and locally-based.

• HMS focuses on POS operations.POS service and support is extremely important to our business since interruptions in POS performance affect our customers. HMS has recently refined its customer service strengthening its ability to handle issues quickly in most cases or escalating problems that require a higher level of system knowledge.

• MyMicros is a valuable reporting tool helping to standardize reporting for both locations creating a seamless transfer of data from each restaurant eliminating time-consuming analyses

• Our HMS salesman remains in contact with us and has been available should we require his assistance.

Sharon P Boles – Managing Partner
Hilary L Glynn – Partner/Director of Operations

-Pizza Bella

As we discussed, when I started using the MICROS scheduling software that came with the system, my labor expenses reduced by $1,000 in the first pay period, and $850 in the 2nd. So far I have only implemented it for my kitchen staff. The scheduling module is very easy to use, and after the initial setup, it takes me about 20 seconds a week to maintain.
Now I don’t have to worry about checking my timecards, and worrying if my kitchen staff is clocking in too early or late.
Thank you!

Shirley Stegall
Blue Line Hockey & Sports Bar

-Blue Lines

As we discussed how the MICROS system has affected our business the other day, I wanted to recap the things that we discussed.
As you know, we are a very fast paced bar, with a lot of foot traffic The MICROS system has allowed us to ring in the drinks and food very quickly and minimize mistakes, due to incorrect ringing of items into the system, increasing profits. Also, the ability to run the nightly reports allows us to know what is selling and what is not selling, and allows us to make sure the margins on the high selling items are in line with our desired profits. We can extract all the data from the MICROS system for sales, taxes, and labor in seconds. It also gives us accountability to know where our inventory is and should be.
The system is very easy to use, which allows our servers to focus on the customer’s needs. The ability to pre-authorize credit cards is very important. As you know, we are very busy, and this minimizes walk-outs. The capability of our servers to take orders, and print to the bartenders, increases or drink turns significantly, and keeps our customers from having to miss any of the shows.
The ability to track our labor in the MICROS system allows us to know our labor costs, and track our staff needs for upcoming events. It also keeps track of tips and taxes to keep us in line with government regulations.
Finally, we receive excellent service from the HMS team. No system is entirely perfect, but we have typically received excellent service from HMS. Even on weekends and off hours, the service team is prompt and usually fixes any issues on the first call.
Thank you for the great service!

Stephanie White
General Manager
Grinders Kansas City, MO/Lenexa, KS


Brewsky's Sports Bar is a fast paced, locally owned business which operates 6 locations between Lincoln and Omaha in Nebraska. We have partnered with MICROS for several years and have been satisfied with both the product and the customer service. All 6 of our locations use MICROS and we receive support and service from HMS (HMS). Below are a few reasons we enjoy working with HMS:

HMS is a locally, family owned business

HMS provides excellent service and support which is available 24/7. It is not often, actually a rarity, we have to call the Help Desk at HMS, However, if we do, we get very quick resolution. Whether it is an issue that can be resolved via phone or requires an onsite visit, the support team is always knowledgeable and helpful.

The HMS team continues to verify that all operations with the MICROS system are running smoothly. They also keep us informed of up and coming requirements or news affecting t4he hospitality industry.