Payment Solutions

We understand that deciding on a merchant services provider for your business can be a difficult and ongoing process as various companies call, mail, & email you trying to get your business.  We will support and implement whichever company you choose, but be aware that we have the capability to write under most merchant platforms and provide a more streamlined approach.

To complement our full service and support, HMS also offers Merchant Processing that is competitive, tailored to our suite of POS solutions, and offers several key benefits that other companies simply cannot offer.

  1. ONE NUMBER TO CALL FOR SUPPORT- No need to call both the HelpDesk as well as a 3rd party processor to settle a batch, provide authorization info, or help resolve a credit card related issue.
  2. NO CONTRACT TERMS- As a Value-Added Service, we waive the standard Change of Service Fee, but require no contractual obligations from our customers. If a customer feels they need to change, they are only responsible for the Change of Service fee to move away.  No Early Term Fees like most processors charge.
  3. PREFERRED PRICING- on items such as Gateway Fees, HelpDesk Agreements, EMV Hardware. Level of discount is driven in part by data from your current processing statements
  4. PCI COMPLIANCE SUPPORT- Being that HMS is generally who sets up your network, we can easily assist in ensuring our customers pass their PCI SAQ’s and Scans.
  5. WHAT YOU EXPECT IN A PROCESSOR: Interchange Plus Pricing, Next Day Funding, Amex OptBlue, Online Reporting.

Please call 913-438-5040 or email for more information as we are happy to provide a quote and determine what features & benefits we can offer to fit your business.